One Company Complete Solution

Home Theatre Design and Installation:

1- Custom home theatre design.
2- Audio and video system installation.
3- Projector and screen setup.
4- Surround sound system installation.
5- Calibration and optimization.

Smart Home Automation:

1- Whole-home automation systems.
2- Lighting control and automation.
3- Climate control and HVAC integration.
4- Security and surveillance systems.
5- Voice control and smart assistants.

Audio Distribution:

1- In-house Wi-Fi music systems.
2- Multi-room audio setup.
3- Speaker installation and calibration.
4- Streaming services integration.
5- Hi-Fi audio systems.

Control Systems:

1- Smart home control panels.
2- Touchscreen interfaces.
3- Mobile app control.
4- Remote control integration.
5- Voice control integration.

Home Networking and Wi-Fi:

1- Home network setup and optimization.
2- Wi-Fi coverage and performance enhancement.
3- Wired and wireless network solutions.
4- Network security and parental controls.
5- Integration with smart devices.

Customization and Integration:

1- Custom cabinetry and furniture solutions.
2- Home theatre seating and acoustics.
3- Automation integration with existing systems.
4- Custom user interfaces and control layouts.
5- Design and aesthetics consultation.

Maintenance and Support:

1- System maintenance and upgrades.
2- Troubleshooting and technical support.
3- Remote monitoring and diagnostics.
4- Firmware and software updates.
5- Extended warranties and service contracts.

Recent Works


I have known Desert Sound and it’s management for some years . I can vouch for their knowledge and professionalism. They are masters in their trade and businesses. I have always had a very satisfactory experience on all matters referred to them which were carried out with care, precision and efficiency.

Zahid Rahim

There’s only been one trusted partner when it came for my HIFI needs and it’s been desert sound. I’ve been dealing with them and their team for a few years now and they have been my go to solution providers for all my upgrades from entry level to high end audio and video equipment. The teams highly professional with excellent knowledge and the customer support is unmatched.


The installation process was a breeze, with the Desert Sound team handling every aspect with precision. They ensured that every component was perfectly set up and calibrated, resulting in breathtaking audio and visual quality that surpassed my expectations.


What truly set them apart was their commitment to delivering an exceptional experience. The attention to detail in the interior design and the flawless integration of the equipment into my space were remarkable. The end result is a home theatre that not only delivers amazing entertainment but also adds aesthetic value to my home.


I have been a customer of Desert Sound for many years and all I can say is that the team here is professional, knowledgeable and truly focused on customer satisfaction! Not only are they keen on making sure the customer is getting the right product at the right price but the after sales service is also exceptional. All the best to team desert sound.

Tata Textile - Bilal Tata

"We are beyond thrilled with the outstanding experience we had with Desert Sound when completing my home theatre equipment and interior setup. We can't thank Desert Sound enough for their amazing service and the professionalism of their team. We wholeheartedly recommend Desert Sound for their outstanding work.

Galaxy Pharma - Mr & Mrs Kashif