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If Carbon is Squeezed Hard Enough, a Diamond Emerges

Introducing Carbon Ltd. by REL Once in a great while, we decide to do something purely for the joy of it. That was the case for the past year as our senior engineering team received an assignment to create and build a “what-if” dream product. We’re pleased to let you know that this special model will be arriving in key markets almost instantly. We are thrilled to launch Carbon Ltd., a no holds barred, ultimate exemplar of our medium-sized chassis, [...]


Anthem STR Preamp and Power Amplifier Review

Pros Sublime audiophile performance Awesome feature-set in STR preamp Anthem ARC is a must-have feature Excellent bench test results Cons Pricey Ho-hum remote control (STR preamp) Anthem STR Series Introduction In today’s day and age, with the focus on convenience often overruling quality, it’s rare to find products that emphasize fidelity first above all else.  Anthem is a company whose origins started in two-channel and thus they created the STR series of products to remind audiophiles of that. The STR line of products comes in an STR integrated [...]


Pure Revelling In A Supra Spring Clean

RICHARD VAREY discovers a supra fine feast of fidelity while auditioning audio offerings. If I had a sub-title for this article, it would be “A Supra fine feast of fidelity” (I also thought of, and abandoned “Supra’s Ready!”, thus punningly revealing an early musical interest). This is just what my audio system has been waiting for. It started a few weeks ago when I spotted more than a few Trade Me listings. There was that name again, only this time in [...]